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Digital Booster affianca da 10 anni le piccole imprese come la tua, proponendo soluzioni digitali online che si integrano con l'attività di vendita offline tradizionale. Sappiamo che aprire un proprio shop online può essere ritenuta un'attività dispendiosa, sia in termini di tempo necessario per il corretto avviamento del sito sia in termini economici, Digital Booster è qui per smentire questa idea attraverso i nostri servizi professionali e la nostra soluzione easy-Commerce!

Here we are going to show a simple trick to fix the annoying way of an embedded Google Forms does not scroll back to the top of the iframe after the form submit.

Updating your online shop catalog is never been so easy! Integrate our PHP code snippets into your WooCommerce web site. Update automatically: price, quantity in stock and others metadata of all your products from a local csv file or a remote feeding URL .

If you are looking for a "quick and dirty" installation guide of Oracle® Database 19c and Oracle Real Application Cluster suitable for training, development and test purpose, this is the right place to start !

Oracle Database 19c Grid Infrastructure Setup - In this Article we'll go through pure Oracle installation tasks, creating our Oracle Database 19c Grid Infrastructure for a RAC instance on Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine VM.

Oracle Database 19c Setup - In this Article we'll continue our Real Application Cluster setup on Google Cloud Platform, installing Oracle Database 19c on Grid platform configured in previous article.